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Flower City Tissue Mills Company has operated in Rochester, NY since our founding in 1906. While our roots are firmly planted here, we aim to provide the best service nationwide & worldwide. In the US we have warehouses in Rochester, NY; Fulton, NY; and Plano, TX. Our Canadian distribution runs out of a warehouse in Mississauga, ON. We also have a presence in the UK with a warehouse in Warwick, England.

Environmentally Focused

Our tissue is currently produced with nearly


post-industrial, recycled raw materials.

Additionally, approximately


of the electricity that we use is produced from renewable sources – primarily hydroelectric.

Production methods are compliant with all air, water, and environmental laws and our record is clean and free from any prosecution, fines, or violations – willful or otherwise.

Wrapture products will remain consistent with existing and evolving standards of environmental stewardship.

  • Flower City Tissue Mills company formed.


  • Production was expanded from white tissue to include natural kraft tissue.


  • We began producing 12 basic colors – a line that has now expanded to 76 stock colors – the largest stock line in the world.


  • We introduced the first offering of printed tissue paper.


  • Warehouse opens
    in Canada


  • Introduced our line of reusable “Frosty Bags”


  • Custom Printing program experiences rapid growth leading to the development of our BYOD & SQP programs.


  • Warehouse opens
    in the UK


  • Digital Printing on Tissue
    (Industry first)


Flower City Tissue Mills Co., Inc., founded in 1906

It all began when four Rochester businessmen were approached by the superintendent of a local paper mill which had burned down. “ If you build me a paper mill, I’ll make tissue for you”, he told them. The four men, including William F. Shafer Sr., decided to make the investment to build a mill at a new site which had direct access to a major railroad. And thus a new business was founded. The year was 1906.

Five generations later, we at Flower City Tissue Mills are very proud of our business success which has survived through the many ups and downs of various economic cycles over the years.

We look forward to our next 100 years of supporting the worldwide tissue market, and in particular, your tissue needs.

William F. Shafer, III


William F. Shafer, II circa 1927
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